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Temporary Crown Instructions

Now you are wearing a temporary crown cemented on with temporary cement while we are waiting for the permanent crown to be processed by the lab. This crown is safe to chew on and obtain your normal daily routines. In general, the temporaries can feel rough. Biting and Chewing will feel different. Be sure to brush this area regularly to keep the area clean and gum tissue healthy. This will ensure a better result when it is time to seat your permanent crown.

Here are a few things to avoid during this time period:
  • Avoid flossing in between the temporary crown. This motion can cause the crown to come off.
  • Do not eat any sticky foods/candies. Examples: gum, taffy, caramels, tootsie rolls, etc. This may cause the crown to come off.
  • Be aware not to crunch on anything too hard or tough. Example: hard candy, crunchy granola bars, and tough bagel.
Speaking certain sounds clearly may take an adjustment period of a few days. Do not despair, this is a temporary situation.

When it is that time to seat your new permanent crown, Please be very picky about how your teeth fit together. The material your crown is made of will not wear in and it is important to make appropriate adjustments so your bite is not off.

After we have seated the permanent crown on with permanent cement, you may return to your normal daily routines and do not have to avoid these things anymore. It is important to keep this new crown clean just as you do the rest of your teeth.

Please contact us if you have any questions.